#StopAdani protestors put everything on the line! #auspol #qldpol #AirPollution #ClimateChange

Lilli Barto, a physics student, locked onto a concrete barrel. Photo Front Line Action on Coal

TWO protesters have blocked Aurizon train access to Adani’s Abbot Point coal terminal by chaining themselves to a drum of concrete on the rain line.

Activist group Front Line Action on Coal reported this morning the protesters locked had their arms inside a steel barrel filled with concrete on the train tracks to prevent train access.

The action started about 7.15am today.

Lilli Barto and Natan Shlomo locked onto a concrete barrel. Photo Front Line Action on Coal

A spokesman for Front Line Action on Coal told Townsville Bulletin it was taking the action because the Queensland Labor government was considering rail operator Aurizon’s bid for a Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility loan.

The activist group said a loan would open the floodgates for new coalmines in the Galilee Basin.

Natan Shlomo, a youth worker, attached to the barrel on the railway line. Photo Front Line Action on Coal

Lilli Barto, a physics student, was this morning locked onto the concrete barrel.

“State Labor said during the election campaign that they would veto ‘any NAIF loan’ that would enable Adani’s dirty coal project,” she said.

“Funding Aurizon would be a backdoor route to allow Adani to build the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere.”

Natan Shlomo, a youth worker, is also attached to the barrel on the railway.

“Coal is fuelling catastrophic climate change. We stand against the damage this would cause in the Galilee basin,” he said.

“If Labor continue to turn a blind eye to the devastating cost of coal mining – they are complicit.”

The blockade is the most recent in a number of actions in North Queensland.

On January 3 anti-Adani protesters reportedly boarded the wrong train while protesting the Carmichael coal mine.

The protesters, Anna Hush and Gareth Davies, were arrested about 10am after climbing on to the train at dawn yesterday and remaining for three hours with a “Stop Adani” sign over one of the wagons.

Whitsunday councillor Mike Brunker yesterday warned Adani activists it was only a matter of time before contractors and locals confront protesters in Bowen.

“It’s quite possible that a few of them (protesters) are going to get a clipping,” he said. “If you’ve got ­people from all over Australia working (in Bowen) then I seriously think someone may get a clipping.”

Anti-Adani protesters in November last year warned they would not stop protesting actions until the Adani mine was stopped.

The Stop Adani movement has listed several concerns about Adani’s operations in Australia, including air pollution and climate change.

What is Adani

Adani’s businesses include coal trading, coal mining, oil and gas exploration, ports, multi-modal logistics, power generation and transmission, as well as gas distribution.

It acquired the Abbot Point Coal Terminal in 2011 and purchased of Abbot Point BulkCoal Operating business in 2016.

Adani is behind the Carmichael coal mine project which includes an open-cut and underground coal mine with a yield of 60 million tonnes per annum and a 189km railway line.

Press link for more: QT.com.au

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