Malnutrition Poverty and Data Error


Last two years were my hectic journey of academic life which was so hard however it was paid off. Finally, I achieved my another Master Degree (MSc) in food security and development from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. The strong knowledge of food security has widened my future responsibility inchasing the solution of malnutrition, climate change and food production.

Indeed, malnutritionis one of the top severe global problem. Hunger and obesity both are malnutrition.Hunger is a state of lack of quality and nutritional food and obesity, necessarily does not mean a state of over food consumption rather itis an eating disorder.Hunger used to be a seriousproblembut now obesity has been added up on the top list of the global problem.Accordingto a data, the 925 million people areundernourishedand 1.5 billion people areobesein the world. Both state of malnutrition are the reason ofchallenginghealth problem such as physical disability,underweight,Kwashiorkor and mentaldisordercaused by…

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