Mike Mann on the Arctic “Methane Bomb”

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Well, I didn’t get into this to make friends – but one of the benefits of this work is that, over the last dozen years, I’ve come to know a number of the most well known experts in a variety of fields. They’ve been my mentors, my teachers, and in some cases, yup, my friends.

I spoke yesterday to Michael Mann of Penn State U – one of the world’s pre-eminent atmospheric experts. Our conversation was wide ranging, but I asked him about the widespread panic that exists in the internet fever swamps about an imminent arctic “methane bomb”.
In the last week since I produced a video that portrayed the best science on the issue, it’s clear that to question the “game over man” meme on methane is to kick a hornet’s nest online.  

In response, I posted a number of additional vids from my interview with Dr…

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